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Know What is Caizcoin, Cryptocurrencies that adopts the concept of Islamic finance

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Caizcoin (CAIZCOIN) is the world’s first cryptocurrency created following the fatwas and teachings of the Islamic religion, especially in accordance with Islamic finance laws.

Caiz is synonymous with “Jaiz” from Arabic which means permissible, confident and legal. Another word that is similar to Jaiz is Acceptable from English which means to be approved or accepted.

The presence of Caizcoin has attracted worldwide attention because of its unique approach where this platform wants to adopt Islamic sharia-compliant financial principles to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector.

What is Caizcoin (CAIZCOIN)?
CaizcoinCaizcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created according to the concepts and teachings of Islamic finance. This platform allows its users to make money transfers between people around the world with Islamic finance laws at a transparent fee.

Caizcoin aims to provide users with faster and more reliable financial services by incorporating new technologies that comply with Islamic Finance rules that enable seamless transactions at low fees. Caizcoin has also received a “certificate of fatwa” from the Islamic expert council, making it officially compliant with Islamic law.

Caizcoin’s vision is to provide financial freedom to every investor, holder and ordinary citizen.

Caizcoin’s mission is to provide innovative financial solutions that enable everyone to participate in today’s financial world while adhering to Islamic principles.

Caizcoin Features
There are several features that can be used by users of Caizcoin that are in accordance with Islamic finance principles, including:

1. Easy to Use
Caizcoin tries to make using it as a currency as easy as possible by providing low transaction fees and very short transaction times to facilitate integration through the Caizcoin API with vendors and partners of different types.

2. Appropriate Network
Caizcoin has assured its token holders and investors a detailed review process for each collaborating vendor and partner. This process focuses on ensuring their compliance with the principles of Islamic finance law.

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3. Interest-free Financing
An important rule in Islamic finance is that interest charges are prohibited, which is why Caizcoin allows interest-free financing.

4. Capital Support
Caizcoin is a product of Caizcoin Holding AG, a capital and metals backed company. It provides investment security to everyone who participates in the Caizcoin network.

5. Low Transaction Fee
The technology used by Caizcoin will allow every transaction to be processed quickly with relatively low fees globally.

6. Fatwa Certification
Islamic finance needs to follow special rules and requirements, Caizcoin has found a solution to cover it with blockchain technology and features and services that are inherent and in accordance with the concept of Islamic finance.

7. Donate
One of the most important parts of Islamic values ​​is supporting social welfare and helping the less fortunate. Caizcoin partners with NGOs, which enable the use of cryptocurrencies for Waqf, Zakat and other donations that are beneficial to social good.

8. Maximum Security
Trust and reliability are some of the important pillars of Islamic finance, which is why the Caizcoin ecosystem has set up a crypto wallet and blockchain for maximum security.

CaizcoinCaizcoin Ecosystem
The Caizcoin ecosystem was built with the aim of providing innovative financial solutions to the Muslim population and everyone struggling with financial services today. Caizcoin will offer an entire ecosystem that enables seamless financial services.

The services offered in the Caizcoin ecosystem are:

Caizcoin Token
The Caizcoin token is built on the Islamic complaint blockchain and serves as a valid means of payment and provides various use cases through partnerships with vendors, NGOs, payment partners and other institutions.

Caizcoin Wallet
The Caiz ecosystem consists of a supported highly secure wallet that ensures maximum security of data and token details.

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Caizcoin API
Our ecosystem offers APIs that allow easy and efficient integration of third-party applications.

Digital Banking Partner
We will work with banking partners to provide fully digital banking solutions that enable users to manage and use their funds and obtain financing under Islamic finance standards.

What is CAIZCOIN Token
CAIZCOIN is the main cryptocurrency used on the Caizcoin network. CAIZCOIN coins are created using the ERC-20 token standard with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain which means these tokens can be exchanged for the same type of coins and can be stored in digital wallets that support ERC-20 coin storage.

Caizcoin managed to raise fresh funds through an initial private token sale, where CAIZCOIN tokens were valued at $0.125 USD. Caizcoin also limits the maximum supply of tokens and only 999,999,999 CAIZCOIN coins are available.

The CAIZCOIN token will soon be listed on the UniSwap exchange, and users will also be able to earn rewards with liquidity portals and other platforms.

Chaizcoin company will soon launch its blockchain by sticking to the “Islamic Principles“. According to Gartner Research, Inc., because of these principles, Islamic Banking is experiencing a much higher rate of market growth in western countries.

Islamic Banking Principles prohibit speculation and the practice of burdening companies with debt and interest. Therefore, the concept that Chaizcoin brings will be very attractive to those who adhere to these principles.

The Caizcoin blockchain will be the first Islamic blockchain of this generation that offers maximum security to its users globally.