Know What is XCAD Network (XCAD)

Know What is XCAD Network (XCAD)

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XCAD Network (XCAD) is one of the breakthroughs in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry for the monetization of Youtube content. This platform is used as a bridge that connects content creators or Youtubers and their viewers.

What is XCAD Network?
XCAD Network (XCAD) is a global platform that leverages the power and value of a content creator’s audience through tokenization. This platform can be a powerful bridge connecting content creators with their fans.

Additionally XCAD Network is also home to the exclusive NFT Marketplace for content creators, enabling the creation of rare and limited edition NFTs with just one click.

Currently, there are many content creators from the Youtube platform who support and join the Xcad project, including: Mr. Beast, KSI, Ali-A, W2S, Niko Omilana, Lance Stewart and many more. They are, of course, content creators or Youtubers who already have millions of subscribers from all over the world.

How Does XCAD Network Work?
XCAD Network provides a fan tokenization platform for Creators, this means Creators can launch their own fan tokens, increase fan engagement, loyalty and continue monetization.

Viewers can earn original Creator tokens via XCAD plugin, when they watch videos for 80% or more. This leads to an increase in watch time, and an increase in views in general.

Creators can create polls that allow viewers to vote on channel-based decisions, the more Creator tokens a viewer has, the more weight their vote has. This increases audience engagement, loyalty and feedback.

Over time, Creators will unlock Creator tokens themselves, they will also unlock further Creator tokens as they reach performance-based milestones.

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What Makes XCAD Network Different?
XCAD Network allows content creators to mint their own tokens to reward viewers and further monetize their channel.

XCAD Network (XCAD)The platform seeks to incentivize viewers to hold creator content tokens by offering a variety of connection-based opportunities, such as merchandising, exclusive NFT and voting rights on future content.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained by the audience, including:

  • Viewers get creators through the YouTube platform
  • Viewers can trade creator tokens, earn tokens in high prospect creator
  • Viewers can stake Creator Tokens in the liquidity pool to get multiple rewards while watching content
  • Creator tokens can be used for a variety of connection-based services, such as merchandise purchases, social follow backs, video shout outs, exclusive content, and more.
  • Creator token holders can vote for Creators future content, video ideas & other important decisions involving their channel

In addition, content creators can also create their own unique NFT. They can sell those NFTs to their fans via fiat on-ramp, meaning they don’t need to have deeper crypto knowledge. These exclusive NFTs cannot be unlocked holding the creator token.

Content creators will get additional income in the form of passive income every time the NFT assets they create are traded.

Viewers can purchase NFT ‘packages’ consisting of various ‘Creator moments’ from the video, with more rare iconic moments & super fan collector items. Moments consist of bronze, silver, gold & rare NFT moment types.

What are XCAD Tokens?
XCAD is the main utility token used in the XCAD Network ecosystem. The XCAD token will initially launch on Ethereum as an ERC-20 asset and will soon migrate to Zilliqa as a ZRC2 token.

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The utility of the XCAD token is as follows:

  • As a token reward for viewers
  • The Power of Xcademy Creator DEX
  • Governance token
  • Liquidity Pool & Betting
  • Support real-world adoption on the platform for aspiring Creators

Currently, the supply of XCAD tokens is 199,105,531 tokens.

Where Can I Buy XCAD Tokens?
If you’re wondering where to buy XCAD Network (XCAD) tokens, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading these tokens are KuCoin, Huobi Global,, MEXC, and BitMart.

Is Buying XCAD Network (XCAD) Tokens a Profitable Investment?
XCAD Network (XCAD) is one of DAOMaker’s favorite projects. DAOMaker is the one who keeps this project growing. In addition, this project is aimed at content creators on the Youtube platform, the largest video sharing platform today.

Some big Youtuber names like Mr. Beast, KSI and others joined forces to support and added their own tokens to the project, which used the Xcad token and raised the price of Xcad.

Apart from that the manager of this platform, allocates tokens to private investors using a linear way, ensuring there is no selling pressure once the tokens are listed.

That’s a little review about XCAD Network (XCAD). Hopefully this article is useful and adds to your insight into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain investment.