The uncertainty and fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin are interesting points for investors. Although the price of Bitcoin can drop sharply, the price can also soar even though the trend every year for Bitcoin has tended to be positive. No one can know for sure whether Bitcoin's performance will get more positive every year, or even decline drastically at some point in the future.

Published on: 6/1/21, 11:24 PM

Bitcoin is a new technology that is seen as going to revolutionize the world of finance. Although Bitcoin was originally seen as a technology for payments, many people have used Bitcoin as an investment instrument due to its volatile price. When gold is seen as a 'protection of wealth' and stocks as a 'wealth enhancer', Bitcoin is seen as a combination of the two types of instruments.

Published on: 6/1/21, 11:16 PM

Gold is an investment option if you want to maintain the value of your assets, but stocks are a good investment choice if your investment goal is to make a profit on your invested funds. JCI growth was at 15.45% in 2016. This growth is rated as the 5th best in the world. Even so, the performance of each stock you choose is different.

Published on: 6/1/21, 11:14 PM

The value of gold basically does not go down and will tend to get more valuable every year. This is because gold has a limited or limited nature. The amount of gold in the world is rare and not easy to dredge, making the value of gold still valuable.

Published on: 6/1/21, 11:12 PM

All bitcoin and public key transactions are recorded on a virtual ledger called the blockchain. This ledger is actually a chronological list of transactions. This ledger is copied — exactly — to every computer connected to the bitcoin network, and is constantly checked and secured using enormous computing power around the world.

Published on: 6/1/21, 11:02 PM