ZMT, the Popular Crypto Asset from Zipmex Exchange

ZMT, the Popular Crypto Asset from Zipmex Exchange

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Maybe there are still many who are not familiar with ZMT compared to other popular crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), BNB, DOGE, and others. Because the circulation is still limited to one crypto exchange, namely Zipmex.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the crypto asset that is on the rise, let’s listen to the full review of the Zipmex Exchange’s crypto assets below.

What is ZMT?
After presenting a series of innovative products such as interest-bearing digital asset deposits, Zipmex on December 17, 2020 launched ZMT. Zipmex itself is a crypto asset exchange platform operating in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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Running on the ERC-20 (Ethereum Blockchain) network, ZMT is Zipmex Exchange’s native digital token that will support innovative products and services. Based on the information listed on the official website, in line with its vision to become the leading financial institution for digital assets in Asia-Pacific, the launch of ZMT further patents Zipmex’s position as an innovative exchange.

ZipmexAs of December 2020, Zipmex’s user base is 51,000 people and more than $10 million in assets stored. “Based on data from the end of 2019 to the first quarter of 2021, our number of users has increased by more than 1,000 percent. The increase in our own active users every month almost doubles in the first quarter of 2021,” said Fanie Fikri, Growth Manager of Zipmex Indonesia.

The presence of ZMT has also attracted investors. In mid-January last year, Zipmex announced that it had secured a series A funding of $6 million or the equivalent of 84.4 billion IDR. The funding round was led by Jump Capital, a venture capitalist from the United States specializing in digital investment application developers. The new funding will be used to diversify Zipmex’s product offering, including expansion of ZipUp’s interest-bearing products and ZMT digital token.

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As with most crypto assets, the supply of ZMT is limited. The maximum amount available is 200 million tokens. This limited supply makes the token a rarity as a valuable asset that grows in value as the Zipmex ecosystem and platform evolves. Although when compared to BTC which is only 21 million, this number is quite large. Usually, crypto assets also have a schedule for burning coins to reduce supply so that their value is higher.

ZMT’s supply circulation target by the end of 2021 is 30 million tokens. Then additional will be distributed in the following years, mainly for community development activities such as airdrops, events and trading competitions. Distribution in this way is intended to ensure that most tokens are owned by those who maintain and develop the Zipmex community.

Advantages of ZMT Crypto Assets
In order to attract users to invest, Zipmex offers a number of attractive offers. ZMT owners will get additional interest on digital assets stored in the Zipmex wallet, namely ZipUp, get a discount on asset transaction fees, and get a discount when there is a new token listing in the Zipmex ecosystem.

ZipmexIn addition, the benefits that are sure to be obtained are when you own and staking (lock) ZMT tokens for 90 days including: These include higher interest rates on ZipUp products, access to special Zipmex member events, trading tips & strategies, and much more.

At launch, there are 2 tiers for holders of Zipmex’s crypto assets. First, ZipMember which is a basic level with an initial level of ownership of 100 ZMT that must be staked. Second, ZipCrew is a higher tier for members with more than 20,000 ZMT staked.

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Beyond the realm of investment, Zipmex is developing ZipPay as a payment ecosystem with ZMT at merchants that work together using only a QR code. There is a cashback of up to 5% with every payment made. This program will be implemented in Thailand in the near future, where the growth of Zipmex users is quite rapid.

In fact, in the land of the White Elephant, users can now buy Lamborghini and Tesla luxury cars using ZMT crypto assets. In Indonesia, this is not yet possible because regulations only consider crypto as an asset or commodity.

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On its journey, Zipmex’s crypto asset is classified as growing very rapidly. At the initial launch (ICO) on December 17, the price was IDR2,310. Meanwhile, in April 2021 it reached IDR68,325 or more than 2500 percent in just 4 months.